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                                                      PLEK • Mayones Guitars & Basses
We are home to Utah's only PLEK Machine! 

This specialized tool allows our luthiers to scan the exact measurements of your instrument's fingerboard and frets--strung and at tension. This scan gives us a three-dimensional, greatly magnified view of the fingerboard which provides specific information about potential problem areas.Utilizing the information provided by the scan, (accurate to about a thousandth of an inch!), we can adjust the fingerboard relief and truss rod accordingly.

The information provided by this scan also shows any jagged, uneven frets from playing wear or warping.  


A PLEK scan showing current and optimal neck relief, fret height, and string action. Our techs use this  information to make your instrument play better than ever before.

Once the scan has been completed and the necessary adjustments have been made, we complete a "Virtual Fret Dress". This software makes it possible to set the amount of fret height to be cut as well as adjusting the radius (making it possible to obtain a compound radius within the frets) as well as the amount of “fall-off” on the upper frets. Frets that are too high or too low can be easily recognized and targeted for virtual correction. This means that when the instrument is actually processed, the amount of fret material to be cut is kept to a minimum.

This data allows us to simulate the results of further work on the fingerboard or frets.
This is known as the “Virtual Fret Dress”.

After your instrument is scanned and the Virtual Fret Dress is completed, there are a variety of processes the machine can complete. The process itself – what is actually done with the instrument – can include fret dressing and crowning, fingerboard planing, nutslot, saddle and surface cutting, and others, depending on the needs of your instrument and your particular playing style. 


A time lapse of a preliminary scan, fret dress, and post scan on one of our employees' guitars. Note the extra passes on the higher frets to correct uneven frets.


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