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Wait time for general setups:  NOT ACCEPTING UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Wait time for general repair (electronics, tuner swaps, nuts, saddles, plek/fretwork, etc.) NOT ACCEPTING UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE



Thank you for your patience while we work through our backlog of glue, finish, and fretwork repairs. We are currently not accepting repairs in those categories while we clean up the backlog. In the future, we plan on taking no longer than a few weeks for any repair; and once our backlog is cleared out, we will be able to do just that.

The current time frame represents the work load we have in currently and is an estimate of when we will start work on your instrument. That does not mean it will be done exactly in that time frame.  Some repairs can take extra time due to some unforeseen issues and the wait time can fluctuate.  Anything that has finish work, extensive gluing, requiring specialized parts or custom parts may require more time and an estimate will be given after we have seen the instrument and have an idea of what it needs.    

Expert Service

Guitar Czar prides itself on expert luthier work and repairs from the smallest action adjustment, to building custom instruments from scratch to meet your specifications. Each and every instrument that passes through our hands is treated with gentle care, thorough consideration, and is repaired to the standard we expect on our own instruments.   
The shop, and each repair is overseen by our Luthier; Moses McKinley. With over a decade of experience after graduating from the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery; Moses can tackle any project you can imagine. 

Click HERE to meet our expert luthiers! 
PLEK services:  

Basic scan: $25.00 - This will be applied to the cost of the full PLEK service if you decide to have the full service done. 
Full PLEK fret dress: $250, requires a setup.

Standard nickel re-fret: $400-$450 (Re-fret includes PLEK service, and requires a setup.) 

Stainless Steel/EVO fretted instruments require a $50.00 upcharge 

Other PLEK services: 

PLEK fingerboard planing: $75.00 

PLEK Bitmap engraving inlays: $100.00+ 

PLEK nut: $75.00 

PLEK locking nut: $75.00 



Click HERE for more information on our PLEK machine! 

Basic Set Up: 
Complete overhaul of your instrument to restore it to factory settings (can be adjusted to your individual playing style) for optimal playability.  
Includes: Adjusting the truss rod, bridge height, saddle height, nut slot depth, pickup height, intonation. Oiling fingerboard, and other bare wood components, lubricating tuning machines are also included.

Electric or acoustic: $79.00 + set of strings of your choice or supply your own. (6-8 string guitars or 4-6 string basses. Additional charges may apply for additional stringed instruments and out of the ordinary type of instruments) 
Electric with Floyd Rose trem, Evertune or 12-string: $89.00 + set of strings of your choice or supply your own. 

Restring and clean guitar, fretboard conditioner. (Additional charges may apply if the instrument needs extensive cleaning.) 
Electric or acoustic: $25.00 + set of strings of your choice or supply your own. 
Electric with Floyd Rose trem, 12 string, classical, or 6 string bass: $30.00 + set of strings (your choice).  
Strap button $15.00 + parts 
Strap locks $15.00 - $25.00 + parts (Labor price depends on brand of strap lock and method of attachment) 


Electronic Work 
Electric or acoustic changing jacks, pots, switches, etc.: $35.00 + parts.  
Hollow and semi-hollow body guitars: $85.00 + parts.  
Shielding: $75.00 (Includes copper tape and labor. The electronics part of the instrument need to be disassembled so we can access the areas that require shielding. All instruments will require removing the strings.) 
Complete Re-fret / Fret Replacement 
A re-fret requires several jobs to complete:
removal of old frets, cleaning up the fret slots, and installing the new frets: $150
Plek basic service (level, crown, & polish): $250
Basic Setup: $80
A total of $480 dollars

However, some re-frets will require a nut to be made; at $75
Stainless & Evo fretwire incur an extra charge of $50 

Nut and Saddle Replacement (each) 
Electric or acoustic nut: $75.00 + parts. 
Saddle replacement: $35.00  + parts 
12 string nut: $100.00 + parts. 
Compensated saddle $70.00 + parts. 
Both nut and saddle at same time: $110 + parts 
Both nut and compensated saddle at same time: $145 + parts 

Pickup Replacement 
Electric: Single $50.00, multiple $70.00 + pickup(s) + replacement strings. 
Acoustic electric: price varies as to complexity of work + pickup(s) and replacement strings. 
Some replacements/additions may require routing of wood starting at $75.00 

File Fret Ends 
Rounding & polish for electric or acoustic: $65.00 


Tuner Replacement 
Electric (non-Floyd Rose) or acoustic: Single $10.00, multiple $30.00 + tuners(s) + replacement string(s). 
Some replacements may require reaming holes to accept larger tuners, figure $20.00 more. 


Wood repair and finish work 
Acoustic neck reset $650.00 (setup & saddle included in price) 
Acoustic Bridge reset with bridge removal at $165.00 (setup included in price)  
Custom made acoustic bridge starting @ $150.00 (price varies on kind of wood needed) 
Broken headstock starts at $150.00 
Cracks on top at $100.00 
Finish touch-ups and repairs start at $100.00 
Bridge plate repair: $120.00 + parts 

Guitar Modifications 
Basic routing starts at $75.00 
Routing for Floyd Rose or Evertune bridges starts at $400 (price includes routing, installation and setup - price varies on model of guitar) 
Battery Box installation $100.00 (Includes routing, wiring) 
Bass Fretless conversion $250.00  
Poly refinish for fretless: $200.00 
Acoustic guitar/bass left-hand conversion: $200.00


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