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Guitar Czar prides itself on expert luthier work and repairs on guitars and basses. Our repair techs have over 70 years of combined experience!  In fact, some people won't let anyone else touch their instruments. We are an authorized repair shop for many top guitar brands.

Prices and times subject to change. The average, basic setup takes 1-2 weeks. Larger repairs and service requests are usually completed within 1.5-6 weeks* and are done in order of receipt of the instrument; we do not take reservations. Simple service items like restrings are usually done by the end of the next business day*. Rush orders can be done for $25 more. Rush orders for regular setups are promised by the end of the next business day*. We are happy to tune any guitar for free while you wait.
*repair times may take longer depending on work load.

We do not do amp repair. We recommend Nick Kiahtipes at, or Mike Christensen at House of Guitars. 

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Set Up:
Clean and adjust instrument. Includes: adjust bridge height, intonate, adjust bridge saddles, slot nut, adjust truss rod, tighten pots, jacks and tuners, check and/or clean electronics. A new set of strings is necessary to correctly set intonation.
Electric or acoustic: $49.99 + replacement strings.
Electric with Floyd Rose trem, or 12-string: $59.99 + replacement strings.

Restring and clean guitar, fretboard conditioner.
Electric or acoustic: $14.99 + set of strings (your choice).
Electric with Floyd Rose trem, 12 string, classical, or 6 string bass: $19.99 + set of strings (your choice). 

Single String Replacement (while you wait)
Electric, 4 or 5 string bass, or acoustic: $.99 + replacement string price.
Electric with Floyd Rose trem, 12 string, classical, or 6 string bass: price varies depending on bridge adjustment + replacement string. 

Strap button $9.99 + parts
Strap locks $19.99 + parts

Electronic Work
No charge diagnosis, some electronic work requires string removal.
Electric or acoustic changing jacks, pots, switches, etc.: $19.99 + parts. 
Hollowbody guitars: $34.99 + parts. 
Specialty and hot-rod wiring starts at $44.99/ hour (minimum 1 hour) + parts
Shielding: $34.99 + materials

Fret Level, Crown, and Polish
Electric or acoustic: $139.99 + replacement strings. (setup included in price)
12 String and Floyd Rose: $149.99 + replacement strings. (setup included in price).

Complete Re-fret / Fret Replacement
Standard fretwire for electric or acoustic: $319.99 + replacement strings. Fret material is included in price
Specialty fretwire (stainless/EVO) 374.99. Fret material is included in price 
Partial refret: $139.99 + $12.99/fret

Nut and Saddle Replacement (each)
Electric or acoustic nut: $44.99 + parts.
Saddle replacement: $29.99
12 string: $59.99 + parts.
Compensated saddle $39.99 + parts.
Both nut and saddle at same time: $64.99 + parts
Both nut and compensated saddle at same time: $74.99 + parts

Pickup Replacement
Electric: Single $34.99, multiple $44.99+ pickup(s) + replacement strings.
Acoustic electric: price varies as to complexity of work + pickup(s) and replacement strings.
Some replacements/additions may require routing of wood starting at $54.99

File Fret Ends
Simple file flush for Electric or acoustic: $34.99.
Rounding & polish for electric or acoustic: $54.99

Tuner Replacement
Electric (non-Floyd Rose) or acoustic: Single $8.99, multiple $19.99 + tuners(s) + replacement string(s).
Some replacements may require reaming holes to accept larger tuners, figure $19.99 more.

Tune Guitar (while you wait)
Electric (non-Floyd Rose) or acoustic: FREE
Electric with Floyd Rose trem: price varies depending on bridge adjustment.

Wood repair and finish work
Acoustic neck reset starts at $374.99
Acoustic Bridge reset with bridge removal at $84.99
Acoustic Bridge reset (attachment only) starting at 59.99 
Broken headstock starts at $74.99
Cracks start at $49.99
Finish touchups and repairs start at $49.99
Bridge plate repair: $49.99

Guitar Modifications
Bass Fretless conversion $159.99
Acoustic guitar/bass left-hand conversion: $134.99
Electric bass/guitar left-hand conversion: $104.99

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